The Truth About Death

It’s getting close!  The page proofs and cover of the book have gone through multiple sets of corrections and checks and are all done.  Soon, the book will go to print.  I have readings set up and just added a page to this blog about the book, am changing over to my own domain ( and will be figuring out (not easy!) how to make this blog into a website that can support both my writing efforts, and my consulting business, when and if I decide I want to expand that.

For now, check out the book tab.  And mark your calendar for one of the readings, most especially the Book Launch Party at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord at 7:00 on April 26.

2 Replies to “The Truth About Death”

  1. How amazing and what a creative journey of being with life as it unfolds. If you are taking advance orders please oput me on the list. I love following and lurking in the shadow of your words. much love – Sue

    1. I’ll make sure you get information about getting the book. No advance orders, but once it’s out, you’ll be able to get it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Maybe I should come to WV and do a reading. 🙂

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