More Moon

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As we walked up the old wood’s road towards the beaver pond, a stream of warm air came up over us.  “Where did that come from?” Alison said and she and I backed up and tried walking into that spot again, to see if we could figure out where the warmth was coming from.  We couldn’t, but as we made our way along the new trail to the pond, the full moon through thin clouds lighting our way, more warm winds blew over us.  It felt like spring washing in.

The mild night grew brighter and brighter, as the moon got above the clouds.  At the beaver pond the moon was high above the trees and the Neville Peak ridge to our east, reflecting off the soft ice.  John identified Mars sitting to the left of the moon and we sat and walked around and chatted and delighted in being outdoors on a warm night, in a bowl of silver light.

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