Passover II

Last year I wrote a post at Passover, mostly about the grief that resurfaces this time of year, because this is when Eric’s gathering pain and fatigue and confusion was finally diagnosed as metastatic cancer.  Now it’s Passover again and we had a Seder here on Friday night and it was lovely — delicious food, the usual lively reading of the haggedah, a sweet gathering of friends.  But this post isn’t really about Passover or grief.  It’s about search engines.

Because in the year since I wrote that post, the second most common search term (after my name) that’s led people to my blog is “Passover.”  And it doesn’t just happen occasionally, it happens several times a week, at least.  Really?  When I type in “Passover” in to google or yahoo, I don’t see my blog anywhere.  In what search engine is my blog post about Passover coming up as an answer to people’s search for whatever it is they want to know about Passover?

So if you’re here as a result of a Passover search, please, let me know how you got here.  I’m so curious!

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