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Peonies in the garden, nodding their heavy heads towards the grass as I walk to the house from the car.   A grand bouquet of peonies on my kitchen table and a small globe of peonies aflame with western light on the coffee table, scenting the house, greeting me as I walk from room to room.  Peonies poking through the railings on my porch as I sit here, in late afternoon sun after a long day in the yard and garden.  The birds are quarreling, a cricket is whirring and I am awash in the deliciousness of peonies.

3 Replies to “Peonies”

  1. As much as I love them in the garden, peonies are a flower that begs to be picked, heads too heavy for their bodies, as if their facial beauty weren’t enough, their seductive scent, irresistible to those of us who spend much time outdoors. Bringing a few inside makes it a little easier closing the porch door at night.

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