Walking in Sunshine

David and I went for our first walk since getting home yesterday.  We headed out on the trail across the hay meadows at the top of Blake’s Hill, then down into Northwood State Park to walk around Betty Meadow Pond.  As we followed the path through the first meadow, two turkeys flapped up out of the deep grass beside us and flew off ahead.  Moments later a dozen small, fuzzy feathered turkeys lifted out of the grass and flew off after the adults.

As we walked, I noticed how similar the plants were to our walks through meadows in England.  The same small daisies and Queen Anne’s Lace and toadflax (or butter-and-egg as I called it as a kid) flowers flecked the fields.  But there was one striking difference.  We were walking in sunshine, it was hot, and there was no mud.  We’re back in summer and it feels great.

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