The Color Run

Sometimes we all need a race to be fun.  That’s exactly what The Color Run is about.  You run 5K (or walk or dawdle or do pretty much whatever you want), you get showered at each kilometer mark with powdered colors that turn you into a running rainbow, or multi-color mush, you get a packet of colored powder to throw at yourself or other runners (walkers, dawdlers) or save until the end as instructed and then throw it up in the air when everyone else does and the crowd emerges as a multi-colored mess.  The event happens in cities all over the country, there are charity partners that benefit from part of the proceeds, and the race is seriously NOT about racing.  It isn’t even timed.  Just get out there and get colored.

Adrienne and and her friend Jaime and I did The Color Run today and it was fun.  David took care of Emilio while we ran (we did run) and met us at the finish line.  We had extra packets of colored powder so we did some post-race dusting of ourselves, then went up front with the crowd to wait for the count down to throw the rest of our powder with everyone else.  Not only did Emilio love it, when the burst of rainbow powder had settled down on everyone, he said, “More,” pointing his finger into the palm of his hand (sign language for “more”) and smiled.  He looks good in pink and yellow and green and orange.

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