Reading, Counting, Walking, Sliding

I did a lot of reading today, many books, over and over.  I read The Runaway Bunny, Spot Loves His Friends, Mommy Calls Me Monkeypants, Let’s Dance, Little Pookie, Goodnight Moon and B is for Bear.  I counted 12 “aminals” into their tin, over and over, “Zeba, Hippo, Rhino, Bear, Panda, EeEe (Monkey), Hawwee (Elephant), Beish (Giraffe), Gator, Tiga, Lepid, Gilla (Gorilla), lined them up on the floor, counted them again, put them back in the tin, lined them up on the table, put them back in the tin.  I walked around the block several times, slowly, slowly, turning around sometimes, looking at flowers and cars and trucks and the surface under my feet, splashing my shoes in puddles during the late afternoon, post-rainstorm walk.  I soaked my pants, going down a slide still beaded with raindrops, again and again, “Mimi too?  Mimi too?” until the slide was dry.

I spent the day with Emilio.  What a blast!

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