Spring Skiing


Spring began at 7:02 this morning, just as it started to snow again.  Scattered flakes thickened, picked up speed and blew past the windows, accenting the black and white world outside.  The flurry only lasted a few minutes, but it added to the 3″ of powder we got last night, on top of the 10″ we got yesterday.

Today is the Vernal Equinox, when daylight and darkness are equal.  Now we slip over into each day being a bit longer than each night, a reason for celebration beyond the treat of having another day of skiing.  I was sure an afternoon ski on wet snow last week was my last, because I knew it was going to rain the next day.  I’m happy to have been wrong.

David and I finished our coffee and headed out to the trail, as we did yesterday.  Thankfully a neighbor was out on his snowmobile last night, so we had the delight of skiing through a few inches of powder on top of a packed trail, rather than having to make our own track which is what we did yesterday.  “I love how storms like this show the horizontal in the woods,” David said and I agreed, taking in the snow draped limbs surrounding us.

A few weeks ago I ran into a friend at the grocery store, and he heard the hesitation in my “Okay,” when he asked me how I was.  When he asked what was wrong, I listed my latest set of worries and troubles.

“Well you never get 100%,” he said.  “So I try to concentrate on the 65 or 75% I do get.”

Today marks 50% daylight, 50% darkness.  And my attention to gratitude for the 75%.

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