Above the Trees: April


Notice the title has changed; not above tree line, but above the trees.  David and I got up Sunday morning with the intention of driving to the White Mountains to hike Mt. Pierce, fulfilling our New Year’s intention for April.  But after a busy week of travel for family visits, and an upcoming week of more travel, we didn’t want to spend a good part of the day in the car.  This intention was meant to help us make time to do something we enjoy, not to turn into a chore or an obligation.  We already have plenty of those.

So we climbed Mt. Major, a small mountain south of Lake Winnipesaukee, bare granite at the top because of a long-ago fire, with beautiful views across the lake to the above tree line ridges of the White Mountains to the north.  We decided getting above the trees would do just fine, and it did.


We were home in time to sit in the sun, out of the wind, and let some of the new season sink in.  We needed that.

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