Above the Trees: June


This month we not only got above the trees, we got above tree line.  And into the clouds. As we reached the summit of Mt. Moosilauke, the clouds that had been hiding the higher summits began to break into wind-blown sheets of mist, then lifted enough to open up a view of the mountains to the east.


At one point a ceiling of cloud settled into the notch, between Moosilauke and Franconia Ridge, sunlight streaking the distant slopes.  Another day outside, another hike that reminded us why we committed to the intention of getting above the trees at least once a month this year.



2 Replies to “Above the Trees: June”

  1. Wow -breath-taking.

    I am reading May Sarton’s journal (re-reading), “House by the Sea”. She is adamant about the necessity of solitude, in order to create. I thought of you, and your writer’s retreat.

    Happy trails, Anne

    1. And today is a good day for solitude, with the rain watering my garden. Hiking into my poems today.

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