Small Stones


Thanks again to A Woodland Rose, sister poet and blogger, for the idea of mindful writing through collecting a small stone each day.  A small stone is “a short piece of writing (prose or poetry) that precisely captures a fully engaged moment.”  Collecting a small stone for each day in January is promoted by Writing Our Way Home — the Mindful Writing Challenge 2014.  A Woodland Rose is sharing her small stones on her blog, and while reading her blog this afternoon I remembered that I did this in 2012 (prompted by her blog).  It worked for me, as most assignments do.  Give me a context to focus my writing, and I’ll focus.

The instructions are simple.  1. Pay proper attention to one thing every day during January.  2. Write it down.

I know we’re well into January, but it’s January 17, and 17 is my favorite number, so it seems to me like an auspicious day to start.  So I’m starting.

My small stone for today: standing in one of the spectacular stairwells in the New York State Capital Building this afternoon, reveling in the artistic grace of the extraordinary architecture and grand space.

2 Replies to “Small Stones”

    1. Yes, do try it. A few moments of noticing and writing each day can only be a good thing! I look forward to seeing some small stones on your blog.

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