Telling Our Own Stories


Regular readers of this blog know that I’m quite open about the struggles I face that arise from my own direct experiences.  If anxiety or grief or sadness comes from something that’s happened to me I’ll reveal what that something is.  It’s my story.  But sometimes I reference having a hard time without being specific about what exactly is going on, because what’s going on isn’t my story to tell —  I’m reacting to something that’s happening to someone I care about.  If it’s not my story, I don’t feel entitled to tell it.

One thing that’s been hard for me (and many others) for the past several years, and even more so the last 18 months, has been my sister Chris’ journey through a recurrence of breast cancer, and a spread of the metastatic disease.  Now it feels exactly right to write about it so I can direct you to Chris’ own story.  Over the past 10 months Chris has been writing a remarkable collection of essays about what it’s like to live with metastatic cancer and she’s eager to get these essays out into the world for others to read.  Today she launched a blog as way to share her story and her essays with as many readers as possible, so head to A Cancer Journey With Chris.  She has the first of the essays up and background of her cancer journey.  There’s more to come from her, so bookmark her blog, pass on the link, and stay tuned.

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