A Normandy Birthday

birthday board

Today started with a long (only needed to do 6 but ended up doing over 7 miles) training run through the pastures of Normandy, green fields full of cows or apple trees rolling up and down small, sharp hills.  Normandy is famous for its dairy products — Camembert cheese probably being the best known, but there are innumerable local cheeses, excellent butter and some kind of yogurty delicacy that Anny gave us for dessert last night, topped with a dollop of creme fraiche and blackberries from her garden, all sprinkled with fair trade golden sugar from Britain.

Yes, we’re eating well on this trip, so I’m happy to be running a lot, working off some of the extra richness in my diet right now.  After running I helped Anny weed her gardens, which are abundant and amazing.  Then a trip to a small local museum for an exhibit on the history of childhood in this area of France.  Now a few moments at a cafe in Vimoutiers, the nearest wifi to Anny’s house.

And wow, lots of birthday greetings once I got online and opened up Facebook.  But the best was the message from Sam.  Look in the upper right hand corner.  Essential learning for any students in that classroom today, wouldn’t you say?


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