Day Thirteen — Blessings of Boys


The world is full of light this morning – sharp, bright, cold finally.  I woke late, the sky already gray with dawn, sounds coming up from the kitchen. Last night watching Snapchat stories for Sam and Will I suspected they had started their drive north, and here they were, Sam plugging in Sylvia, the espresso machine, Will smiling.

“Why are you making coffee? Weren’t you up all night driving?”  They were, but they took turns napping, they wanted to get in a round of disc golf at Beauty Hill before crashing – they’d played a sunset round in Johnson City before starting their drive yesterday, they were excited about following that with a sunrise round.

Will would have napped but was willing to be swept along in the stream of Sam. Mike arrived, they all drank coffee, they left to play. These beautiful young men who’ve been in and out of this house since they were boys.  Twenty years. Such a blessing.

2015-12-22 11.42.38

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