New Hampshire Does Chanukah


“Do you have Chanukah candles?” I asked the young woman at the customer service desk at Hannaford’s grocery store yesterday.  I’d forgotten to check and make sure I had candles to light last night, the first night of Chanukah, and figured I’d pick some up just to be sure.

“Yes, in front of checkout 5,” she said, and I could see a tall cardboard display, remembering the display from two years before, Chanukah in a box in the card aisle.  At least now Chanukah has moved to the front of the store, I thought.

Then I got to the display.  No candles, but a “My First Chanukah” bib, a hostess set of tea towels, oven mitt and pot holder, a latke spatula, ornaments and gift tags and wrapping paper and blue bows.  Oy!  This is a festival of light!

I was happy to find I had two boxes of candles when I got home.

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