A New Look and A Return

New Photo Shot

A number of writer friends have been admonishing me for well over a year to change my photo on this blog.  Yes, it was an okay photo for my book, because after all The Truth About Death is just that and why wouldn’t I look grim on the back cover?  But this blog is about all of life, not just the sad passages, and surely I could find a better photo of who I am as a whole self.  One friend snapped some shots of me with her mini iPad the last time our writing group was gathered, figuring anything was better than what I had.

So I took that as motivation to get some real head shots done.  Which turned out to be easy when shortly after the iPad photo session I met a colleague of Adrienne’s, a talented photographer who was happy to snap a bunch of shots when I met her.  So thank you, Michelle Frantino, for the new look.

I’ve been admonishing myself about updating the overall look of the blog.  I’ve recently been redecorating my house, taking down paintings and prints and photographs I hung decades ago and putting up new pieces of art.  I’ve replaced light fixtures, rearranged furniture, and greatly reduced the cluttery stuff that accumulates on counters and sills and shelves like the dust all those tchotchkes collect.  My blog needs the same kind of attention, a bit of which I’ve started.  (Like the house redecorating, this is a process, not a once-and-done task.)

But one thing I’m repeating.  I’ve already written about my project last year of writing 300 – 400 words every day for the two weeks leading up to the winter solstice.  I’m doing it again, Two Weeks to the Turn II.  This year I’m going to put up at least some of each day’s writing on this blog, every day.  In the midst of the gathering darkness, and the frenzy of celebrating designed to push back against that very darkness, I’m going to find at least some time every day to focus on writing and try to find something worthwhile to share.  Here is a tiny bit from today, and it’s not even original.  It’s what one of my writer friends suggested was my real topic when I read a selection from last year’s Two Weeks to the Turn at our last group meeting.

The question is, how do David and I make happiness in the face of all the loss and heartache that brought us together?

I’ll be working on some answers.

3 Replies to “A New Look and A Return”

  1. The new you. Comprised of the past, but not consumed by it. Surrounded by happiness, it shines through you. As the darkness recedes, crests, retreats once more. Left on the shore with a new wholeness. Life, surfing the waves.

    Happy holidays,with love,


  2. Well done Grace. Very inspiring. Your “new look” is fresh and yet all of your experience still comes through as wisdom. It’s wonderful how fully you share all of you. Brava! Love, love love the new look inside and out!

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